Do I send the ECU first? Or place the order first?

We highly recommend placing the order first. When you do so you will receive an email and in the email is the address of where to ship the ECU. Placing your order ahead of time is the best way to ensure the one business day turnaround. Don't forget to include your name in the box when you ship it to us!

How do I place an order?

It is best to place your order on our website. You can ensure your information, address and items you need are all correct. If you need assistance please email sales@gilomeninnovations.com or give us a call at 507-645-4555. Be sure to leave a message if it goes to voicemail due to the lines being in use. We will call you back in a timely manner.

Will my heater still work well after the tune?

Yes your heater function will work exactly the same as before the tune. The internal thermostat in the engine keeps the engine temp at or above 175 degrees with the tune or stock. The lower fan settings in the performance tune are designed to keep the engine cooler in warmer temperatures. The stock ecu tune allows the engine temp to spike up over 205 degrees during the hot days which is hard on the engine and is a performance killer.

What is your turnaround time if I am sending in my ECU?

We have a one business day turnaround time from the point we receive your ECU. If the ECU arrives on a Monday everything will ship out together on Tuesday.

What is the address to send my ECU to?

  • Gilomen Innovations
  • 30563 Dahomey Ave
  • Northfield, MN 55057
Note: Be sure to include your name and order number in the box!

How quickly do parts ship out after placing the order?

All orders will ship out either that same day or by the following business day depending on what time the order is placed.

What fuel should I run with the performance ecu tune?

All models can run 87-93 octane fuel except for the turbo models. Turbo models require 91+ octane.

Will my tuned ECU be safe to use on a new machine?

Yes, the tune will work great on your new machine. Follow the break-in procedure as normal.

Where do I send my Gilomen Duraclutch?

It is acting up. Duraclutch repairs and warranty is only handled directly at Duraclutch. Email justin@duraclutch.com and let him know what is going on.

What size tires can I put on my machine?

I recommend keeping the tire size as close to stock as you can get away with if you want the best overall performance and driveline life. If you insist on larger tires it is recommended to use low range more often when required and or get appropriate gear reduction to accommodate the large tires.

What exhaust should I run?

Stock exhaust works fine with all of our tunes. All slip on exhausts we have tested also work very well with our tunes. We like the GGB slip on exhaust because the sound level is not much louder than stock and they are made out of stainless steel with baffles instead of packing material that burns out over time.

Does my ECU Need to be re-tuned if I add exhaust?

Slip on exhaust systems do not require a re-tune. Complete header back exhaust systems normally do require a re-tune.

My RPM's are too high, what should they be at 20mph?

The utility model machines will see a bit higher rpm at lower cruising speeds all the way up to top end speed. This is because the tune and clutch kit are calibrated similar to the performance series machines. The extra rpm is needed to run in the power band. There is not a set rpm that 20mph cruising should be. It all depends on the load, weight of the machine, tire size, wind, terrain surface, and air temperature.

My machine starts harder since I tuned it.

The tune does not make the machine start harder. All mapping in the ecu that is used for startup is left stock because we found that to provide the best overall results. Hard starting when temps get below 40 degrees is almost always due to running summer blend gasoline which has low REID vapor pressure (RVP). You need to be sure your tank has high RVP winter blend gasoline in it for good cold weather startup. Here is an article from Polaris about it.

What are the main differences with the Duraclutch and the other Gilomen RX or HD Clutch options?

Both clutches are great upgrades; it simply comes down to what you are looking for and what type of riding you do.

The Duraclutch system is great for those who are primarily looking for low end, rock crawling, and utility. Not as much concerned with max performance. Duraclutch offers the best belt life. With the Duraclutch system you will need to run their belt. All warranty work goes directly to Duraclutch.

The Gilomen RX clutch is a high quality clutch at a fair price. The HD clutch is a heavy duty version that offers cooler belt and clutch temps. Most people prefer the HD clutch in hot weather, sand dunes, or mud riding.

What are the differences between the Elite Clutch Kit and the Torque Monster Clutch Kit on the New Body Style Rangers?

The Elite Clutch Kit is our basic solid weight kit. This kit comes with three primary solid weights and two primary spring options. We include a high performance spring which will provide you all the performance but does increase noise in the cab throughout the power curve. We also provide a lower RPM spring. This option helps to keep the RPM's down which helps to keep the noise down in the cab, however with the lower RPM spring you will lose performance. The Torque Monster kit is a fully adjustable kit. We do pre-set the weights prior to shipping it out so it takes the guessing out. This kit includes the three adjustable weights, primary spring and secondary spring. This kit will provide you the best belt grip and torque due to the design and shape of the weight. This kit is also progressive which means at lower cruising speeds it will keep the RPM's down to just a hair above stock. As you climb up above 30 mph and pull out more power it will increase.

I go into higher elevations a couple times a year. Will this kit still work?

Yes. You will be able to go into higher elevations without having to make any changes and adjustments to your clutch kit. If you are primarily in high elevations we would want to know so we can be sure you have the best kit option which is why we have this question on the order form.

What performance option would you pick for a new body style Ranger? (2018+)

Performance Tune, Torque Monster Clutch Kit and Belt upgrade.

What Performance option would you pick for a General 1000?

Performance Package which includes the performance tune, three adjustable weights, primary spring, secondary spring and Helix upgrade. It would be recommended to add the Belt upgrade as well as the rollers to change out the secondary pucks. The pucks are a big failure point in the secondary clutch.

Does the Performance Tune option include the misfire tune?

Yes. All of our performance tunes include the misfire tune built into it.

Is there any benefit to installing the secondary spring on my Ranger if I am running a smaller tire?

No. There is no benefit to installing the secondary spring if you are running a smaller tire. It will not hurt the machine but there are no proven benefits and it can cause you to run a higher RPM.

Does installing a bigger tire affect my tune?

You are able to run any tire you wish. The bigger the tire however, the bigger the hit in performance loss. Our research shows for every inch bigger you will lose 7% performance to the ground per inch.

Will my speedo be corrected during the performance Tune?

Yes. One of the questions on the order form is tire size. We will dial in the speedometer to the tire size you provide us. Note: We recommend physically measuring the rear tire from the ground to the top of the tire, as the size on the tire often doesn't match the physical measurement.

Will installing your performance clutch kit cause me to have higher engagement RPM?

No. In Fact you will see the opposite. You will receive a nice lower engagement RPM.