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Ranger 1000 Northstar

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Terry's Tuning Tips
ECU: The Polaris 1000 Ranger models in stock form are doggy and slow. The factory ECU program is designed to restrict power and speed. Our ECU tune will eliminate those power and speed restrictions along with many other awesome features. These 1000 Rangers go from 80hp stock to 98-103hp after our tune. Most machines with stock 26" tires see top speeds of 75+ Mph. Clutching is absolutely needed to allow this ECU tune to function and perform properly. Our ECU tune/clutch kit package comes with our Elite Shift clutch kit and is the biggest bang for your buck performance gain available!!! We also offer our Blackmax adjustable clutch kit for guys that like to test and tune custom clutching. For more details about the Ranger 1000  ECU tune/clutch kit packages please click on it below. Tunes are available for all the different models, XP, Crew, Northstar, Highlifter, Hunter. 

Clutch: The stock clutch calibration on the 1000 Ranger model is absolutely horrible. It has clunky/jerky take off, and very poor and sluggish performance characteristics. Our Elite Shift clutch kit offers very smooth take off and is designed to allow the engine to run at the proper RPM where it performs the best. The kit consists of primary weights, spring and detailed instructions. We offer the Elite Shift clutch kit for stock and tuned machines. Our ECU tune/clutch kit packages come with an Elite Shift clutch kit or you can chose to go with our BlackMax adjustable clutch kit. If you are running larger than 29" tires you will need to purchase the Mudder Secondary Spring which will squeeze the drive belt harder preventing belt slippage. If you are someone that likes to test/tune and play with different setups then I recommend purchasing a set of our BlackMax adjustable clutch weights. The BlackMax adjustable clutch weights allow you to add or remove weight in order to raise or lower the engine operating rpm. The adjustable clutch weights are popular for large tire builds, competition use, and high elevation use. We also offer the BlackMax adjustable weights in a clutch kit that includes the weights, primary spring and an option secondary spring for larger than 29" tires. It is an option to chose the BlackMax adjustable kit in our ECU tuning packages. If your Primary clutch is worn out and needs replacement I suggest installing our HD primary clutch which comes with HD RZR 1000 internals and the super cool outer cover plate to keep clutch and belt temps lower. 

The factory secondary clutch comes with square pucks from the factory which can cause excessive wear and binding after your machine accumulates some miles and eventually can destroy your clutch. I suggest installing rollers in place of the square pucks. This will help prevent wear on the aluminum. It also provides more consistent operation. See the secondary clutch rollers below. If your secondary clutch is shot or you just want to upgrade to the strongest and best performing clutch available then I suggest installing our Team Tied secondary clutch.  This clutch is a true Tied design and comes with rollers already and it has its own internal shaft and bearing to prevent wear and tear on your transmission shaft. 

Belt: The stock Polaris belt is weak and jerky. It cannot handle any type of stress or abuse. I have found the G-Boost BadAss belt to be the absolute best performing, smoothest, and longest lasting belt on the market. I highly recommend installing one!!!

Clutch kit install instructions

Big Tire Mudder Secondary clutch spring install instructions

Adjustable Weights Tuning Instructions

Factory Service Manual

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