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  • 1186 G-Boost Badass / Sandstorm belt

    G-Boost BadAss Sandstorm Belt 1186We have found the BadAss series belts to be the strongest, longest lasting belts available, Period! FeaturesHigh temperature, heat resistant polymer DUMAX (TM) with directionally-oriented fibers under the base cord...

  • Polaris Misfire Fix Tuning Tune

    ECU False Misfire Code Fix Tune 65590 65591 65592

    This is a fix to eliminate the 65590, 65591, 65592 false misfire code problem on all Polaris RZR, Turbo, General, Ranger, 900 and 1000 models. This is for machines with the stock Polaris factory programming. This fix can not be performed on ECU's that...

  • Gilomen Blackmax adjustable clutch kit Polaris RS1

    RS1 Blackmax Adjustable Clutch Kit

    Blackmax Adjustable clutch kit. This kit offers smooth take off yet aggressive acceleration, and very responsive power. The kit includes billet steel magnetic adjustable primary clutch weights, primary spring and secondary spring. Weights come pre...

  • Polaris RS1 Blackmax Adjustable Weights for the Primary Clutch.  
Gilomen Innovations RS1 Blackmax Adjustable Clutch Weights 56-73 Grams

    RS1 Blackmax Adjustable Clutch Weights 56-73 Grams

    BlackMax adjustable primary weights for the Polaris RS1 2018+ Models. These weights are made out of high carbon machine billet steel. The weights are adjustable using powerful rare earth magnets. If you are someone that likes to tune your clutching to...

  • Clutch Compression Tool

    Clutch Compression Tool

    This tool is used to dismantle and assemble the primary and secondary clutches on Polaris models.

  • Jam Nut Driver Tool Polaris 900 / 1000 clutches

    Jam Nut Driver Tool Polaris 900 / 1000 clutches

    Fits: Polaris 900 Ranger 13-18, 900 Ranger Crew 14-18, 900 RZR XP 4x4 11-14, 900 RZR XP 4 4x4 12-14, 900 RZR 15-18, 900 RZR 4 15-18, 900 RZR S 15-18, 900 RZR XC 15-17, 1000 RZR XP 14-18, 1000 RZR XP 4 14-18, 1000 RZR S 16-18, RZR XP Turbo 16-18, RZR...

  • Polaris Clutch Puller

    Clutch Puller

    Clutch Puller to Remove Primary Clutch From the Crankshaft    

  • Primary Clutch Holding Fixture Tool

    Primary Clutch Holding Fixture Tool

    Used for holding Polaris primary clutches during disassembly to service spider and moveable sheave Can be mounted to bench or clamped in vise Works on all the Polaris ATV / UTV models, It even works on the RZRTurbo Clutch    

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