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Ranger 570 Full Size Crew

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Terry's Tuning Tips
​ECU: The Polaris 570 Ranger models in stock form are just plain slow. The factory ECU program is designed to restrict power and speed. Top speeds of 45 or 50mph is not satisfactory to most people. Our ECU tune will eliminate those power and speed limiters along with many other awesome features. The tune will bring your 44hp ranger up to 50. Speeds of 60+ mph are seen on most machines!

Clutch: The Blackmax adjustable clutch kit is amazing on a stock and tuned machine.  Highly recommended!  If you have larger than 28" tires I recommend installing our big tire mudder secondary spring to help prevent belt slippage and maintain proper rpm under load. 

​Belt: The stock Polaris belt is weak and prone to failure in extreme conditions.  I have found the G-Boost Belt belt to be the best performing and longest lasting belt available. I highly recommend installing one of these.

Big Tire Mudder Secondary Spring Install Instructions

570 Ranger Service Manual

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