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Ranger 1000 Crew Basic 61 HP

Terry's Tuning Tips
ECU: The Polaris 1000 SOHC Ranger models are doggy and super slow in stock form. The stock ECU programming has a variety of power and speed limiting that restricts the overall performance of this machine.  Our amazing ECU tune we offer opens up all these governors and limiters to allow full power which nets large increases in torque, hp and speed.  You will feel the added power on tap just pulling it out of your garage!  The SOHC (single over head cam) motor is a torque monster that likes low rpm operation. We offer this tune with a clutch kit as a package if you want the most out of the tune.  It allows the engine rpm to run at the peak of the power curve for maximum acceleration.  I do recommend installing our big tire mudder spring in the secondary clutch if you are running larger than 29" tires to prevent belt slippage. 

Do you want the best Ranger 1000 tune kit on the planet? Then the world famous Gilomen Innovations 1000 Ranger ECU tune is for you!!!
100% throttle opening
All Torque Limiters Disabled
Professionally developed timing maps for peak performance on pump gas
Professionally developed fuel maps
Fan settings 20 degrees lower to keep engine running cool and lasting longer
Seat-belt limiter disabled
RPM limiter raised to a safe 8800 RPM
Speed limiters eliminated 
False misfire codes eliminated
Engine protections left in place
Retains Turf mode on equipped models
Heater function works 100% if equipped

​Big Tire Mudder Secondary Spring Install Instructions 

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