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General XP 1000

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Terry's Tuning Tips
ECU tuning on the General XP 1000 offers awesome power, drivabilty and longevity benefits.  The ECU tune and clutch kit combo will get your machine performing VERY strong!  We have developed a clutch kit that puts the power to the ground.  The combination of our Blackmax weights, progressive primary spring, rhino rollers, and special custom designed secondary clutch helix is truly amazing and second to none!  

I recommend upgrading your drive belt to the Worlds Best Badass Belt that we offer.  This belt has been proven to be the strongest and smoothest belt we have ever tested!  With the big tires these Gen XPs come with its a good idea to have only the best belt on your machine. 

Primary Clutch kit install instructions

Secondary Clutch- big tire spring, helix and rollers install instructions 

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