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Ranger 1000 XP

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Terry's Tuning Tips
ECU: The 2018+ Gen 2 body Style Polaris 1000 Ranger models are gutless and slow. The big reason for it feeling extra sluggish is the 2018+ models weigh 250 lbs more than the old body style 2017. The factory ECU programming and clutch calibration is designed to restrict power and speed. Our ECU tune will eliminate those power and speed restrictions along with many other awesome features. These 1000 Rangers go from 82hp stock to 98-101hp after our tune. Most machines with stock size tires can see top speeds of 75+ Mph. Clutching is absolutely needed to allow this ECU tune to function and perform properly. Our ECU tune/clutch kit package is the biggest bang for your buck performance gain available!!! It will make your Ranger rip! Each tune and clutch kit is specifically setup for your model and tire size. For more details about the Ranger 1000 ECU tune/clutch kit package please click on the ECU tuning product below. See our AMAZING 118 HP Challenger kit if you want your Ranger 1000 to be at the front of the pack!! 

Do you want the best Ranger 1000 tune kit on the planet? Then the world famous Gilomen Innovations 1000 Ranger ECU tune / clutch kit package is for you!!!
100% throttle in High, Low, and Reverse Gear
All Torque Limiters Disabled
Professionally developed timing maps for peak performance on pump gas
Professionally developed fuel maps
Fan settings 20 degrees lower to keep engine running cool and lasting longer
Seat-belt limiter disabled
RPM limiter raised to a safe 8800 RPM
Speed limiters eliminated 
False misfire codes eliminated
Engine protections left in place
A/C function left in place for Northstar models
ADC left in place for Hunter Edition models
Retains Turf mode on equipped models
Heater function works 100% if equipped

Clutch: The stock clutch calibration on the 1000 Ranger models is absolutely way off the mark when it comes to performance. It offers clunky slow acceleration and minimal performance/fun factor. Our Elite Shift clutch kit is the most popular clutch kit choice to go with the ECU tune. It offers very smooth take off and is designed to allow the engine to run at the proper RPM where it performs the best with our ECU tune. The kit consists of primary weights, primary spring and detailed instructions. Our ECU tune/clutch kit package comes with an Elite Shift clutch kit or you can choose our BlackMax adjustable clutch kit which offers you the option of custom clutch tuning. If you are running larger than 29" tires you will need to purchase the Mudder Secondary Spring which squeezes the drive belt harder to prevent slippage under heavy load conditions. 
If you are having hard shifting out of gear, or experience heavy wear on the inside edge of your belt from the stock Ranger clutch EBS system then I highly suggest installing our EBS lockout shim and check the alignment of your clutches. The alignment procedure is listed below. Starting 1-21-19 all 18+ gen 2 body style clutch kits will include alignment shims and alignment instructions because clutch alignment has been such a big issue from the factory. I have noticed that over 50% of the stock machines that come into our shop to get a tune kit installed experience hard shifting out of gear and need the clutch alignment corrected and or the EBS lockout shim. We offer a free clutch alignment procedure on all machines that come in to our shop to get a tune kit installed!!
We have found that the factory clutch does not offer much for longevity and is destined to fail. I have many reports of failed clutches on completely stock machines at around 2000 miles.  The rollers are weak and the bushings get sloppy, the EBS roller will fail ect ect. If you want the smoothest and absolute toughest primary clutch available for your 2018+ Ranger then you need the P90XT upgrade primary clutch. The P90XT clutch is the smoothest shifting and strongest clutch available for your 2018+ Ranger 1000.  If you purchase the P90XT clutch from us it will come fully loaded with weights and spring ready to install on your machine.  Don't forget to grab a clutch puller that we offer to remove your old clutch from the tapered crankshaft. 

Belt: The stock Polaris belt is weak and jerky. It cannot handle any type of stress or abuse. I have found the G-Boost BadAss belt to be the absolute best performing, smoothest, and longest lasting belt on the market. I highly recommend installing one!!!

EBS Lockout Shim install instructions

​Big Tire Mudder Secondary Spring Install Instructions 

Clutch Kit Install Instructions

Clutch alignment procedure

 Gen 2 2018+ Polaris Northstar Owners Read This Polaris Service Team Tip regarding overheating and cooling fan operation issues. northstar_1000_team_tip_for_overaheating_issues__r-19-01-01.pdf

  • 1186 G-Boost Badass / Sandstorm belt

    G-Boost BadAss Sandstorm Belt 1186We have found the BadAss series belts to be the strongest, longest lasting belts available, Period! FeaturesHigh temperature, heat resistant polymer DUMAX (TM) with directionally-oriented fibers under the base cord...

  • Polaris Misfire Fix Tuning Tune

    ECU False Misfire Code Fix Tune 65590 65591 65592

    This is a fix to eliminate the 65590, 65591, 65592 false misfire code problem on all Polaris RZR, Turbo, General, Ranger, 900 and 1000 models. This is for machines with the stock Polaris factory programming. This fix can not be performed on ECU's that...

  • Polaris Ranger 2018 + EBS Lockout Shim for Primary Clutch.  Reduces Engine Braking, Provides Easy Shifting, and Improves Belt Life!

    Ranger 1000 EBS Helix Lockout Shim for P90X Primary Clutch

    This shim is specifically designed to lockout the EBS helix function on the P90X primary clutch that comes factory on the 2018+ Gen 2 new body style Ranger 1000 models. I have discovered the EBS (engine braking system) can be too aggressive for many...

  • Ranger 1000 Gen 2 Elite shift clutch kit Ranger 1000 Gen 2 Elite shift clutch kit shown with secondary spring

    Ranger 1000 Gen 2 Elite Shift Clutch Kit

    Our Elite Shift clutch kit offers very smooth take off and is designed to allow the engine to run at the proper RPM where it performs the best. The kit consists of primary weights, spring and detailed instructions. We offer the Elite Shift clutch kits...

  • P90 Super Cool Clutch Cover.  Gilomen P90 Super Cool Clutch Cover.  Gilomen

    Super Cool Clutch Cover For P90 Standard Primary Clutch

    Features: Decreases belt temp, prolonging belt lifeAbout 25 CFM above stock down lowUp to 50 CFM above stock at full shift-outConstant cooling, direct on the primary clutchBillet aluminum construction, built to lastDesigned and built here in the...

  • Polaris Ranger 1000 2018 + clutch alignment shims kit P90X / P90XT Alignment Shim Kit

    P90X / P90XT Alignment Shim Kit

    This shim kit allows you to shim you secondary clutch in or out to set the clutch alignment. If your machine shifts hard in and out of gear you may have an alignment issue. This kit includes the factory alignment procedure. Includes five shims

    $15.00 $10.00
  • Blackmax Super High Flow Exhaust System Long Type

    Blackmax Super High Flow Exhaust System Long Type

    Gilomen Blackmax Exhaust - designed, built and assembled in America!! Not some outsourced china made junk Aluminum Extruded body anodized black 6061 fully machined billet aluminum components Stainless steel spiral formed louver core Coarse Stainless...

    $750.00 $700.00
  • Gilomen blackmax adjustable clutch kit Polaris Ranger 1000 Gilomen Blackmax adjustable clutch kit Polaris Ranger 1000 shown with secondary spring

    Ranger 1000 Gen 2 Blackmax Adjustable Clutch Kit 2018+

    Blackmax Adjustable clutch kit. This kit offers smooth take off yet aggressive acceleration, and very responsive power. The kit includes billet steel magnetic adjustable primary clutch weights, primary spring and an optional secondary spring. Please...

  • 1323655 One way bearing assembly with sleeve 15 deg.   Updated version. One Way Bearing - Sleeve Assembly

    One Way Bearing - Sleeve Assembly

    This is the new updated one way bearing assembly from Polaris for the p90x clutch used on the 2018 + Ranger 1000 models.    

  • Polaris Ranger 1000 Challenger kit Polaris Ranger 1000 Challenger kit  photo 2

    118 HP Challenger Kit Long Pipe Design

    The challenger kit is for the person that wants the absolute most power out of their 2018+ Gen 2 new body style Ranger 1000.  The kit has been rigorously dyno and field tested to insure the best quality and reliability available...

    $1,600.00 $1,500.00
  • Polaris Ranger 1000 2018+ Blackmax Adjustable Weights for the P90X UTV Polaris Primary Clutch. P90X Blackmax Adjustable Clutch Weights 56-72 Grams

    P90X Blackmax Adjustable Clutch Weights 56-72 Grams

    BlackMax adjustable primary weights for the Polaris standard P90X and P90XT clutch found on the 2018+ new body style ranger 1000 models and the RZR Turbo models. These weights are made out of high carbon machine billet steel. The weights are adjustable...

  • Polaris P90X Primary Clutch Weight Ranger 1000 New Body Style

    P90X Solid Fixed Clutch Weight (sold each)

    Gilomen Innovations  Solid fixed clutch weight for the P90X primary clutch used on the new style Ranger 1000 models.  This weight is used in some of our clutch kits that we offer.   Replacement weights if one of your weights became...

  • Polaris P90 & P90X Primary Spring Ranger, General, RZR, ACE

    Primary Clutch Spring P90 & P90X

    Gilomen Innovations primary clutch spring for P90 standard clutch that comes on most models from 2013+ and the P90X clutch that come on the 2018+ Ranger 1000 models.  Choose your spring rate 

  • G-Tec High Flow Exhaust System Long Type

    The Gilomen G-Tec muffler for the RANGER is stainless steel and then ceramic coated black. The lazar cut heat shield has a custom look and is very effective.  Increased airflow for increased Horsepower!!  This muffler has and awesome sound...

  • Clutch Compression Tool

    Clutch Compression Tool

    This tool is used to dismantle and assemble the primary and secondary clutches on Polaris models.

  • Jam Nut Driver Tool Polaris 900 / 1000 clutches

    Jam Nut Driver Tool Polaris 900 / 1000 clutches

    Fits: Polaris 900 Ranger 13-18, 900 Ranger Crew 14-18, 900 RZR XP 4x4 11-14, 900 RZR XP 4 4x4 12-14, 900 RZR 15-18, 900 RZR 4 15-18, 900 RZR S 15-18, 900 RZR XC 15-17, 1000 RZR XP 14-18, 1000 RZR XP 4 14-18, 1000 RZR S 16-18, RZR XP Turbo 16-18, RZR...

  • Polaris Clutch Puller

    Clutch Puller

    Clutch Puller to Remove Primary Clutch From the Crankshaft    

  • Polaris primary spring engagement shim.  Raise engagement by 150 rpm

    Spring Engagement Spacer / Shim + 150 rpm

    Spring spacer engagement shim.  This shim is designed to go under the spring in the primary clutch to raise the engaement rpm.  Most applications see an increase of 150-200 rpm by installing this shim.  You can install up to two shims in...

  • Primary Clutch Holding Fixture Tool

    Primary Clutch Holding Fixture Tool

    Used for holding Polaris primary clutches during disassembly to service spider and moveable sheave Can be mounted to bench or clamped in vise Works on all the Polaris ATV / UTV models, It even works on the RZRTurbo Clutch    

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