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RZR 1000 60 Inch

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Terry's Tuning Tips
ECU: The Polaris RZR 1000S models benefit greatly from ECU tuning. More torque, more hp, cooler engine temps, higher speeds, and no bogus misfire codes like the stock ECU program.  10.7 Hp gain at peak rpm with this tune.  People are amazed with the performance of their RZR after our ECU tune and clutch kit combo. 

100% throttle action
All Torque Limiters Disabled
Professionally developed timing maps for peak performance on pump gas
Professionally developed fuel maps
Fan settings 20 degrees lower to keep engine running cool and lasting longer
Seat-belt limiter disabled
RPM limiter raised to a safe 9200 RPM
Speed limiters eliminated 
False misfire codes eliminated
Engine protections left in place

Clutch: Like most things there is always room for improvement. The stock clutching is functional but has very lazy backshifting, inconsistent RPM and is prone to belt slippage. Awesome performance and smooth operation is had with our Blackmax Adjustable clutch kit. 
The Blackmax adjustable clutch kit is AMAZING, it allows extremely quick acceleration and pull! It is very smooth yet very fast! Great belt grip, and fast backshifting. The Blackmax weights allow you to adjust the clutch kit for your custom built large tire or gear reduction machine, high elevation, or to match your particular riding style. The kit Includes billet steel magnetic adjustable primary clutch weights, and primary spring. Don't forget about our mudder spring for your secondary clutch if you are running larger than 29" tires.

If your Primary clutch is worn out and needs replacement I suggest installing our HD primary clutch which comes with HD internals and the super cool outer cover plate to keep clutch and belt temps lower.  Don't forget to grab a clutch puller. 

Secondary Clutch: Please select the optional mudder secondary spring if you are running larger than 29" tires. The mudder spring allows the secondary clutch to squeeze the belt harder under heavy load conditions to help prevent belt slippage. It is an absolute must if you are running larger than 29" tires. The stock secondary clutch helix is very lazy and does not offer a consistent rpm in different load situations.  I highly suggest you ditch the stock helix and install a 56/66 helix that we offer.  Acceleration is amazing, rpm is consistent and belt grip is amazing. The stock BOSS secondary clutch comes with square pucks as a friction point in the clutch. They cause a tremendous amount of wear on the clutch and will eventually destroy the clutch.  I highly recommend you replace the square pucks with our super high quality composite rollers. Performance and longevity is much better with these rollers installed.  If your secondary clutch is shot or you just want to upgrade to a much higher quality clutch then I suggest our HD Team Tied roller clutch. 

The absolute best performance clutch combo that I have ever tested on a 1000S is the Blackmax adjustable clutch kit with our 56/66 helix, and badass belt.  This setup is silky smooth and pulls very hard right from the start!!  You will be amazed with this setup.  

Belt: The stock Polaris belt is weak and cannot handle any type of stress. I have found the G-Boost BadAss Worlds Best 1148 belt to be the absolute best performing and longest lasting belt on the market. I highly recommend installing one!!!

Primary Clutch kit install instructions

Secondary Clutch big tire, helix and rollers install instructions 

Primary Clutch kit install instructions

Blackmax adjustable weights tuning instructions

Team Tied Secondary Clutch big tire mudder, and helix install instructions

2016 + BOSS Secondary Clutch big tire, helix and rollers install instructions

Factory Service Manual

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